Tree Resource Guide

Tree Resource Guide

Trees provide us with a number of benefits. Trees provide shade, beauty and are important for the environment. Because of the importance of trees, it is important to make sure that they have the opportunity to be healthy.

Arbor Day is an annual day dedicated to trees, planting trees and proper care of trees. Even though tree care should be a year round event, Arbor Day does a good job in focusing everyone to the needs of trees.

Another major concern with trees is the need for proper tree conservation. While trees provide needed paper products for the world, it is important for all people to preserve this natural resource. We need to be concerned with the proper conservation to trees to preserve our environment and ensure that we will have trees to enjoy and be a resource when needed.

To learn more about trees, we have assembled a collection of helpful resources for you to enjoy:

Arbor Day

  • Arbor Day – information and resources on the celebration of Arbor Day.
  • Arbor Day Foundation – official website of the organization that is dedicated to tree education.
  • First Arbor Day – informative look at the origins of the observance of Arbor Day.
  • History of Arbor Day – article outlining the history of the celebration of Arbor Day.
  • Arbor Day Information – useful website covering the celebration of trees in the United States.

Types of Trees

  • Trees – informative index containing information on different varieties of trees.
  • Tree Identification – basic information covering types of trees.
  • Planting and Caring of Trees – information on the planting and caring of trees.
  • Tree Types – helpful information on the various types of trees.
  • Tree Species – useful resource containing information on different types of trees.

Tree Care

Tree Health

Tree Conservation

Tree Resources

  • Tree Resources – helpful resources from the National Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Tree Related Resources – general information on a variety of tree related topics.
  • Tree Guide – information on trees and how to select the proper tree.
  • Tree Links – helpful collection of resources covering a variety of tree topics.
  • Tree Planting Tools – useful information that is helpful in the planting of trees.