Uptown Containers

8"W Uptown Container

For Plants 12" to 23" Tall

11"W Uptown Container

For Plants & Trees 2' to 4.5' Tall

17"W Uptown Container

For Trees 6.5' to 9' Tall

23"W Uptown Container

For Trees 10' to 14' Tall

12"W Tall Uptown Container

For Plants 12 to 23" Tall

Fiberglass Uptown
Decorative Container - 14"W x 13"H

For Trees 5' to 7' Tall

13"W Tall Uptown

For Plants 2' to 4.5' Tall

9"W Tall Uptown

For Plants 18" to 32" Tall

Tall Cubico
Decorative Container 12"W x 23"H

For Plants 2' to 4.5' Tall

Tall Cubico
Decorative Container - 9"W x 16"H

For Plants 18" to 32" Tall

Cubico Decorative Container
11"W x 11"H - Matte Black

For Plants 2' to 4.5' Tall

Decorative Container - 14"W x 14"H

For Plants and Trees 4.5' to 7' Tall

Decorative Container - 17"W x 17"H

For Trees 7' to 9' Tall

Our Uptown Decorative Containers enrich your interior design style as well as enhance the beauty of our artificial trees and plants. Available in 4 popular colors and 2 styles (classic and tall), our Uptown containers provide a versatile selection to complement your interior plantscaping needs. When you purchase a decorative container with any of our lifelike trees and floor plants, you benefit from our proprietary foam-in-place potting process (at no additional cost), marrying the plant to the container, ensuring long-term beauty and stability.