Succulents & Cactus Artificial Plants

Succulent Obsession Foliage Planter

Succulent Oasis
Faux Plant Arrangement

Agave & Cactus
Faux Succulent Arrangement

String of Pearls & Jade Succulent

Sansevieria, Ficus & Fern
Faux Foliage Arrangement

Faux Succulent Planter

Artificial Plant

Cactus Set x 2
Artificial Tabletop Plants

Sansevieria & Succulent Planter
Faux Foliage Arrangement

Column Cactus
Artificial Tabletop Succulent

Sansevieria Planter
Artificial Foliage Arrangement

Mixed Cactus
Artificial Tabletop Planter

Baby Prickly Pear Cactus
Faux Tabletop Plant

Aloe Succulent Faux Tabletop Plant

Donkey Tail Faux Succulent Plant

Hanging String of Pearls
Faux Succulent Plant

Baja Agave & Echeveria Planter

Broad Leaf Agave Artificial Succulent

Agave Americana (Large) Succulent

Agave Americana (Medium) Succulent

Baja Agave Artificial Floor Plant

Agave Artificial Plant

Our artificial succulent and Cactus plants are simply beautiful; their organic texture and color complement any interior space. Friends and family will rave about these distinctive botanical specimens. High-quality materials accurately replicate their thick, fleshy appearance. Our succulent designs balance remarkable varieties and natural combinations, which include silk flowers, artificial plants, and faux grasses. They're carefree - simply enjoy their unique beauty for many years to come.