Orchids: The Exotic Flower Guide

Orchids: The Exotic Flower Guide

The orchid is part of a diverse and wide-ranging family of monocots that are part of the order called Asparagales. The Orchid family is thought to be the second-biggest, flowering-plant family with more than 25,000 presently recognized species. The orchid is famous for being featured in Charles Darwin’s 1862 book called Fertilisation of Orchids. Here is an extremely authoritative resource on orchids.


Anguloa clowesii: Website that provides a description of this species of orchid and information about its native origin.

Anguloa uniflora: Website that describes the characteristics of this type species of orchid flower.

Anguloa dubia: Web page that breaks down family, order, class, and genus type of this species of orchid.


Cattleya aclandiae: Website from the American Orchid Society that provides a description of the Cattleya aclandiae.

Cattleya amethystoglossa: From the Atlanta Botanical Garden website comes information about this species of orchid.

Guarianthe aurantiaca: Web page that provides photos and a detailed description of this species of orchid flower.


Cymbidium bicolor: Website that provides a series of color photos of this orchid species that features a two-color scheme.

Cymbidium aloifolium: Web page that provides a paragraph-long description of the features of this species of orchid.

Cymbidium chloranthum: Website that offers pictures of this orchid species, along with information on where it is found.


Laelia albida: Website from the Santa Barbara Orchard Estate that gives a photograph along with basic information on the flower.

Laelia anceps: Website providing information on what temperatures this orchid grows in best, along with photos.

Laelia furfuracea: Web page featuring an informative article on the Laelia furfuracea.


Dendrobium amethystoglossum: Website that provides information on how to identify this orchid, along with pictures of it.

Dendrobium anosmum: An article on the Dendrobium asosmum and why everyone should own one.

Dendrobium chrysanthum: Web page that talks about the medicinal properties of this orchid flower.


Phalaenopsis aphrodite: Website that features extensive information on the Phalaenopsis aphrodite.

Phalaenopsis bastianii: Website that provides basic information along with some pictures of this flower.

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi: Website that provides information on the Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi, including pictures and when it blooms.


Paphiopedilum acmodontum: Web page that offers a lot of information about this species of orchid.

Paphiopedilum adductum: Website that explains why this species of orchid is endangered.

Paphiopedilum bullenianum: Web page offering fundamental information on this plant, including genus and family classification.


Oncidium baueri: Web page that features a photograph of the Oncidium baueri for easy identification.

Oncidium auriculara: Web page that offers information on the distribution of this orchid.

Oncidium bicolor: Website that offers a picture of this orchid in order to facilitate better identification of it.


Vanda bensonii: Web page that gives visitors basic information along with pictures about the Vanda bensonii.

Vanda coerulea: Web page giving visitors details about this member of the orchid family.

Vanda javierae: Web page that offers information about many flowers, but also about the Vanda javierae, including where it grows and its characteristics.


Epidendrum carnevalii: Information on the many types of Epidendrum includes information about Epidendrum carnevalii.

Epidendrum dunstervilleorum: Web page that talks about how this orchid species is an endemic species.

Epidendrum garayi: Website offering a large picture of this plant in addition to information on where to find it.


Brassia caudate: Website offering specific instructions on how to take care of this member of the orchid family.

Brassia gireoudiana: Details on the proper classification of the Brassia gireoudiana.

Brassia lanceana: Web page that shows a picture of the plant and fundamental information about it.


Bulbophyllum beccarii: Web page that discusses Bulbophyllum in general and provides a few photos of the Bulbophyllum beccarii specifically.

Bulbophyllum barbigerum: Web page that offers pithy information on this orchid plant.

Bulbophyllum falcatum: Web page that delivers classification information on the Bulbophyllum falcatum.


Catasetum atratum: Web page that provides information on the Catasetum atratum along with a photo.

Catasetum barbatum: Web page that offers details on when to fertilize this orchid, along with what climate it likes.

Catasetum callosum: Web page that goes into great detail on the particulars of Catasetum callosum.


Sophronitis alaorii: Web page that briefly discusses where this orchid can be found.

Laelia crispa (Sophronitis crispa): Website providing in-depth information about the Laelia crispa.

Laelia mixta (Sophronitis mixta): Web page that offers information on the seeds of this plant, among other particulars.


Miltonia moreliana: Web page that communicates detailed information on how to grow Miltonias in general.

Miltonia spectabilis: Web page that features a large and clear photo of the Miltonia spectabilis for easy identification.

Miltonia russelliana: Succinct information on where this species of orchid is found in the world.


Phaius australis: Website that offers details on the endangered distinction of this orchid.

Phaius pictus: Web page that provides information on the location of this species of orchid.

Phaius tancarvilleae: Website that gives a factsheet of information regarding this orchid.