Decorative Tree and Plant Containers

How to Choose the Plant Container that Fits Your Interior Design and Your Plant

In any interior decorating project, inclusion of interior landscaping (plantscaping) adds natural beauty and creates a welcoming environment, which produces feelings of comfort and well-being. High quality artificial trees and plants are realistic; they introduce beautiful organic color variations, and add texture, dimension, and motion into the room design. An equally important design element is the decorative plant container. It not only enhances the beauty of the artificial plant, it accentuates the décor of the entire area.

Choose the Right Container for Your Interior Style

Choosing a great looking container is easier than you may believe. You will find many styles designed for the interior of your home and office in our decorative plant container line. Choose a color that will complement other design elements in the room. It should stand out only in the sense it is perfect in combination with the silk tree and silk plant it contains, as a part of the whole room décor. Keep in mind, the color should not match the colors of the walls or floor. Choosing a container that blends into its surroundings loses its décor value.

Choose the Right Container for Your Plant

{childLarge:2}Selection of the proper size container when decorating with permanent botanicals is critical. It should be able to hold and serve as a stable base for the tree or plant. It should be believable as a functioning planter, which could contain a root ball appropriate to the size of the planting. An oversized container is much more convincing and more desirable than an undersized one. The container should also serve as a stable and secure base so the permanent tree or plant doesn't topple when accidentally brushed, or fall apart when moved for housekeeping or relocation. A stable and secure base ensures many years of carefree natural beauty and enjoyment.

The most common mistake when decorating with artificial botanicals is choosing a container that is too small. It reduces the effectiveness of the whole room design and screams FAKE.

How to Secure Your Plant in the Ideal Decorative Container

Everyone has seen pitiful examples of artificial plantscaping. A lone silk ficus tree cowered in the corner; crooked, with bent branches, maybe even flattened on one side; crumpled newspaper filler spewed out from under dry, dusty, Spanish moss; in an undersized bamboo planter. A tree in this embarrassing condition probably came from a not-concerned-with-quality online vendor or from a mass merchant. It also means someone should tell its owner the time has come to replace it.

The second most common mistake when decorating with artificial botanicals is the failure to secure the tree or plant into a stable container. Eventually, this failure creates problems that lead to the plant's undoing.

Petals Does It Right

Including silk trees and silk plants into your interior decorating project plan can be an easy and worry free experience. By selecting one of our decorative containers in combination with your purchase of our high quality artificial botanicals, you guarantee a beautiful, and stable, addition to your décor. Our commitment to superior quality design and assembly eliminates any stability problem and ensures many years of carefree display and continuous enjoyment.

The cross section diagram below, illustrates Petals special assembly of your tree and plant when purchased with one of our decorative containers. There is no additional charge for this secure construction when you purchase one on our containers. We do it to ensure your finished purchase is beautiful and ready to display right out of the box. Our construction process surpasses anything produced in the artificial floral industry.

We are the One-Stop Shop Online

Petals offers a wonderful and extensive line of decorative plant containers designed to enhance your tree and plant selection and complement your interior décor style. We solve the sizing dilemma by providing a container selection guide in our free catalog and by presenting correct size container options for every one of our artificial trees and plants online. We solve the stability problem with our quality assembly, which marries the planting to its container. These considerations will help you bring a beautiful finale to your interior decorating project. Choosing permanent botanicals from Petals is easy, worry free, and 100% guaranteed.