Silk Topiary

{childLarge:1} For over 20 years, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Petals has been helping people brighten up their homes and offices with high-quality, amazingly realistic artificial silk plants, flowers, and trees. Silk greenery enables you to bring natural beauty indoors, year round, and virtually maintenance free. Fresh-cut flowers wilt within days, and live plants require water, food, and precise amounts of sunlight to flourish. Silk plants and flowers only require the occasional dusting and can be enjoyed for years to come. Check out our large selection of artificial plants and pick a silk topiary to bring any room in your house to life.

Silk Topiary Art

Silk topiary is one popular type of artificial silk plant. Topiary as an art form was first developed during Roman times. From the Latin topiarius, which loosely translated means "ornamental landscape gardener", early topiaries were large Roman gardens of shrubs and trees trimmed in the forms of animals and obelisks. Topiary eventually spread to Europe, where it took the form of large gardens of low, dense, maze-like shrubs and potted trees. These were perfectly manicured and pruned to look like precise geometric shapes, like balls, cones, pyramids, spirals, and others.

When one talks about "topiary" today, they are typically referring to individual small potted trees that are clipped into distinct "levels". This style of topiary came into popularity in England in the 1700s and was developed by middle class gardeners who didn't have massive expanses of land to experiment with. Today's silk topiary plants are typically in this style. Single, double, and ball and cone are the most popular designs.

A single silk topiary has a trunk that is completely bare up to the top, at which point there is a round bustle of foliage. A double silk topiary has two ball-shaped bustles of foliage. The ball and cone style silk topiary has a round ball-shape at the bottom, near the ground or pot, and is topped off by a triangular cone of leaves.

An artificial silk topiary is a good choice for people who want to enjoy the intriguing designs without the rigorous care and upkeep.

Scented Potpourri

Another great decorative element that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the nose is scented potpourri. Potpourri from Petals looks as pretty as it smells and is available in a variety colors and fragrances. From the rich, spicy scents of Peppercorn scented potpourri to the fresh, fruity notes of kiwi pear potpourri, Petals is pleased to offer a selection of high-quality Aromatique brand scented potpourri.

Aromatique uses only the finest natural ingredients, and the attractive bags of scented potpourri are hand-packed and tied with a lovely ribbon. Aromatique potpourri is very long lasting, and we offer scented potpourri refresher oil to make it last even longer. Simply put your potpourri in a plastic bag, add refresher oil, and shake until coated. At Petals, you can also find potpourri holders, potpourri scented room sprays, candles, and fragrance gift baskets. Take a moment to browse all the delightful scents of potpourri only at Petals.

Artificial Silk Plants

{child:2}Artificial silk plants are often not silk but rather are made from a variety of synthetic materials, and then they are heat pressed into expertly designed molds. These newer synthetic materials hold shape much better, allowing for a wider range of natural looking leaf and flower designs. Many of the details are hand painted by professionals working from detailed photos of real flowers and plants. Our artificial silk flower arrangements and bouquets are designed by professional floral designers and are set in crystal-clear acrylic water for the ultimate fresh-cut look.

Petals offers artificial silk plants in a variety of sizes. Larger silk floor plants can brighten up a dark corner or act as the perfect companion for your favorite armchair or sofa. Tabletop and shelf plants are good for smaller spaces, such as a coffee table or windowsill. Ivies, ferns, palms, and tropicals are just a few of available types of artificial silk plants you will enjoy for many years.

The Petals Guarantee

With large, colorful pictures and detailed product close ups and information, Petals makes it easy to find the right silk topiary, plant, or floral arrangement for your home. Our products also make great gifts, and many can be shipped in a premium gift box. If you receive an item that you don't love, simply return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Our staff is available via phone at 1-800-783-9966 or email at [email protected] to answer any questions you might have about our products.