Silk Trees

The Most Unique Silk Trees Online

Seeing is believing when it comes to high-quality silk trees from Petals. You'll find the alluring design and durable hand-crafted construction of our silk trees to be superior to anything else you'll find online or in a store. Our silk trees include the following:

Our silk trees blend lifelike appeal with low-key maintenance and a high-quality attention to detail that makes all the difference. Visit our silk trees page today to view our entire collection.

What Makes Our Artificial Trees Better?

Our artificial trees, flowers and plants are distinguished through their superior construction and signature designs. Here are just a few reasons why our offerings are so alluring:

Artisan Designed

All of our flower arrangements and silk trees are custom-designed by leading floral artists. Whether you choose a silk topiary or an artificial bonsai tree, all of our silk trees feature a signature custom look that you can only find at Petals.


To make our high quality silk trees as lifelike as possible, each one is carefully handmade by an expert craftsman. From the gentle turn of a leaf to the graceful arch of a branch, the difference in quality is visible within each and every one of our silk trees.

Quality Materials

The quality of the fabrics and materials that we use is reflected in the outward appearance of our silk trees. To get the silkiest leaves and the most vibrant colors, we use only the finest quality silk and synthetic fabrics.


Durable construction is a key component of all of our silk trees. From their sturdy trunks to the tips of their branches, our silk trees are gifts that last a lifetime.

Decorative Plant Containers

We also offer a wide variety of decorative plant containers for all of our artificial trees. Constructed out of plastic and fiberglass for superior durability, our decorative plant containers offer the luxurious look of real metal and porcelain, at a fraction of the cost.