Silk Plant Cleaner

Tips for Displaying Silk Plants & Flowers

There are as many reasons to love silk flowers and plants as there are varieties and arrangements. Silk greenery is a great alternative to fresh because it enables you to bring beautiful plants and flowers into your home year round, regardless of temperature, humidity, or sunlight. And Petals's realistic, professional arrangements make lovely and lasting gifts. Fresh-cut flower arrangements are expensive and only last a matter of days. With Petals, you can give gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come with our extensize collection of silk flowers and our life-like silk plants.

The quality is better than ever before. Although they are still referred to as "silk", today's artificial plants and flowers are actually made from a mix of more durable, malleable synthetic fabrics. The fabrics are heat pressed over molds designed from real flowers. Color gradations and details are hand painted, giving each flower a unique character. Petals's arrangements are created by professional floral designers and are available in both innovative, modern designs and gorgeous classics.

Cleaning Silk Flowers and Plants

The care and maintenance of today's silk plants is minimal. Cleaning silk flowers and plants is easy. With silk plant cleaner from Petals, you can keep your artificial plants looking like new. Silk plant cleaner works on both artificial and dried flowers and doesn't leave buildup behind on leaves and petals. The special quick-dry formula means you don't have to wipe the foliage after application. Simply spray as needed to remove dust and other debris. Silk plant and flower cleaner is available in three package types, and the more you order, the more you save.

Plant Containers & Indoor Planters

Cleaning your silk flowers and plants is one step you can take to keep them looking their best. Decorative plant containers are another way you can set off your arrangements and coordinate your decor. Petals offers a complementary selection of indoor planters perfect for large arrangements, floor plants, and trees. Our containers feature durable construction, high-quality finishes, and come in a variety of styles.

One popular style of decorative plant containers are our cylindrical indoor planters. These containers have clean, modern lines and are available in a variety of contemporary finishes. Cylindrical planters are 12" tall and 12" in diameter, so they are sturdy, stable, and easy to take care of.

Fishbowl shaped decorative plant containers aren't glass, but they are narrower at the bottom, curving gracefully higher towards a distinctive top lip. They combine the durability of fiberglass construction with the look of real porcelain. Available colors include modern ivory, sleek black, and burnished bronze.

At Petals, you'll also find rattan indoor planters, classically styled square containers, and other decorative plant containers.

Lighting for Silk Plants & Trees

If you have a flair for the dramatic, our uplights for Artificial Plants are positively illuminating. Plants and trees from Petals are amazingly lifelike, and the right lighting can help show them off. Available in black, chrome, or white, our uplights are sure to mesh seamlessly with your decor. Uplights are perfect for brightening up a dark corner, or you can shine them up through your plant's leaves to create intriguing shadow patterns on walls or ceiling. Our plant lighting elements handle bulbs of up to 75 watts, so you can control how intense the lighting is. From a soft, romantic glow to bright, sunny rays, our plant and tree uplights help you create the effect you want.

Petals: Elevating Heart & Home

Petals has over 20 years of experience offering designer-quality silk flowers, plants, and trees. Our products are an allergy-free, cost-effective way to enjoy the beauty of greenery indoors, year round. In addition to silk plant cleaner, we also offer one-of-a-kind containers, accessories, and home fragrances. All products are shipped factory direct to your door, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Products can be returned within 30 days for a full, hassle-free return or exchange. So start exploring Petals for the silk plant cleaner that is sure to keep your silk flowers, plants, trees and more clean and lively.