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Petals is the source for the highest quality silk plants, silk flower arrangements, artificial trees, scented candles, and more. There is a difference you can feel when a home is decorated with plants. A silk plant can bring that same sense of life and warmth to you living space at a fraction of the maintenance requirements. Nothing can make your home more inviting to your friends and family than silk greenery bushes of an artificial ivy plant. A hand-crafted silk plant is truly a celebration of the senses that can be the perfect accent to any room in your house. To learn more about all the different silk plant varieties available at Petals continue reading, or start browsing our selection by following one of these links:

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Silk Floor Plants

The perfect compliment to any room is a floor-standing silk plant from Petals. We offer many popular silk plant varieties that can be a naturally beautiful accent to any decor. Silk greenery bushes like the ficus can quietly compliment both hardwood floors and hooked rugs alike. The added warmth a silk plant can bring to your living space will be appreciated for years to come by your family and guests. Our selection of silk greenery bushes includes many other favorites including aspidistra, hostas and several varieties of silk palms. Browse through our entire selection and we are sure you will find the perfect standing silk floor plant for your home.
Artificial Silk Ivy Plants

Sometimes a floor-standing silk plant is too large for the space you wish to accent. A silk plant on top of a shelf or on an end table is often all that is needed to finish a room's decor. Petals has a wide selection of beautifully crafted silk plants that are perfectly suited for display on a shelf, coffee table, or any other smaller place in your home. Lifelike wandering jews, ferns, and silk ivy are among the most popular accent pieces in our silk plant collection.


Silk ivy is one of the most versatile and popular plants we carry. The artificial ivy plant comes in a variety of different styles and colors making it the perfect accent for many different homes and decors. From the classic English silk ivy and Holiday ivy to the purple hues of grape silk ivy there is an artificial ivy plant that is right for any occasion or setting. To further add to the decorating options available with silk ivy, these are available in different styled planters. An artificial ivy plant is endlessly fresh and inviting when incorporated into the decor of most any room. Browse through all our silk plant offerings to find the perfect artificial ivy plant for your home today.
Silk Trees

In addition to the many beautifully crafted silk plants and silk greenery bushes, Petals also has lifelike silk trees. These silk trees are another great way to add a fresh and inviting natural feel to your home's decor. From Japanese artificial bonsai to the ever-popular ficus tree, or even more exotic silk palm trees. Browse our entire selection to find an artificial ficus tree or a silk palm tree that will elevate your heart and home with the lifelike warmth that can only come from Petals.
Decorative Silk Plant Containers

A silk plant container helps add that finishing touch to any silk plant. After you select the perfect silk plant, make it even better by choosing from a variety of containers that match your home's décor. We offer sleek brushed chrome for the contemporary household, an ivory colored fishbowl container for more traditional décor, and rattan containers that fit nicely with natural adornments. Selection of the right container is the final step in helping your silk plant and silk greenery bushes truly belong in the setting of your home. View all of our decorative plant containers today.
Silk Plant Care & Maintenance

Your silk greenery bushes and plants can bring years of beauty to your home when cared for properly. While they do not need sun and water like their traditional counterparts, a silk plant does need to be cared for. However, this care and maintenance is not difficult. A regular dusting as part of your usual household upkeep and the occasional application of our quick drying silk plant spray cleaner will keep all your silk plants looking new for a long time. Our easy-to-use silk plant cleaner does not require any wiping. Simply spray your silk plants with the cleaner and within seconds they are left clean and free from dust. It really is simple to keep the shine and luster of your silk plant for years of enjoyment. Learn more about the care and maintenance of silk greenery bushes and plants today.

To keep your silk greenery bushes and plants looking great, visit our homepage today to stock up on silk plant accessories, as well as to browse through our wide variety of high quality floral arrangements, trees, containers & more.