Silk Flowers Decorating Ideas

Silk flowers can add color and liveliness to any room. At Petals (Formerly Petals), we offer a variety of options to choose from. Their durability and low maintenance make silk flowers an ideal decoration for use in everything from living rooms to offices. Our web site makes it easy for you to find artificial florals for decorating ideas, unique gifts, and more. Browse our collection of silk flowers to find an arrangement that is perfect for your space today.

Silk Flower Decorating Ideas

Decorating with silk flowers is a great way to add warmth to a drab environment. A splash of color in just the right place makes any room more inviting. At Petals, our pages are filled with silk flower decorating ideas. From professionally designed centerpieces to accents, focals, and more, you're sure to find that perfect piece in our collection. Whether you're looking to add brightness to a room with a subtle accent or liven up an office with several arrangements placed throughout the building, the decorating ideas in our collection are the perfect choice. Start by browsing our silk flower centerpieces for an attention-getting, designer quality arrangement.

Creating Silk Flowers & Professional Arrangements

Today's top quality artificial florals are designed with unprecedented botanical fidelity. Early iterations of fabric flowers can't compare the silk flowers of today. Though still referred to as "silk" flowers, the current process involves the use of synthetic fibers rather than actual silk. Once cut, the fabric is pressed over expertly fashioned heated molds. This melts the fibers into artificial florals that retain the distinct shape and characteristics of individual flowers.

From there professional painters address individual aspects of the flower's hue and gradations. One painter will add special tints while another works on striated color lines. Each works from a photograph to ensure proper coloring accuracy.

Finished artificial florals arrive at our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility for professional arrangement by the Petals floral designers. Our designers use only the finest silk flowers available to create the wide variety of arrangements in our collection. Our demand for quality artificial florals ensures that each Petals product holds its natural radiance for years with minimal maintenance. Our customers get a cost-effective, allergy-free alternative to live plants every time.

Silk Flower Centerpieces

The silk flower centerpieces and other arrangements at Petals / Petals are a great way to send a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression with both friends and clients. Why send a gift that lasts for days when you can send one that retains its natural beauty for years? Your gift's recipient will have a constant reminder of your appreciation and friendship. All of the artificial florals and accessories sent as gifts from Petals also arrive with an attractive gift card that is personalized with your message. Select products are available for premium gift boxing. Email or call our helpful sales consultants for assistance in finding the perfect silk flower centerpieces and other gifts!

Silk Flowers Online: World-Class Customer Service

It is our goal that you be utterly satisfied with your entire Petals / Petals experience. If you don't love your silk flowers, simply return your order within 30 days for a complete merchandise refund. Our customer service department will be happy to answer your call or email in order to expedite your "hassle-free" return or exchange.* (See Terms of Use for full details)


Browsing for Silk Flowers Online: Shopping Options

At Petals / Petals, we strive to make your shopping experience easy and efficient when buying silk flowers online. Several features of our site are designed to make your purchasing decision easier to make. Our arrangements are ordered in "Accents," Centerpieces" and "Focals" in order to help you narrow your search quickly. Also, you may sort the category you're in by "Price," "Season" or "Color & Tomes." High-quality images give you an accurate depiction of the arrangement you're interested in and allow you to enlarge the image or look at a close-up for a detailed view. When buying silk flowers, make Petals your choice for ease of use and for our friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Exquisite Artificial Florals

All of the floral arrangements in our collection offer unmatched beauty and durability. Our designer quality arrangements include:

  • Vertical Calla Lilies - A graceful, elegant artificial floral arrangement that infuses contemporary style and sensibility in any home or professional space.
  • Iris & Grass - Beautifully crafted petals and stems that make this piece nearly indistinguishable from the fresh variety.
  • Floating Rose - A perfectly outstretched silk rose gently floating in our crystal-clear acrylic water.
  • And so much more...

30 Years of Designer Quality Silk Flower Decorating Ideas

Petals / Petals has over 30 years of experience in being your complete source for home decorating and unique gift ideas. Our customers experience a superior selection of designer quality silk flower decorating ideas, lifelike artificial trees, quality silk plants and accessories. Each item is professionally packed and shipped factory direct to your door. For ease and convenience coupled with lifelike detail and almost no maintenance, Petals / Petals is your source for silk flowers online.