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{childLarge:1}Petals is the place to find the highest quality silk flower arrangements, large silk flower centerpieces, plants, trees, scented candles, and more. As a cost-effective alternative to real flowers, a silk flower arrangement will bring a burst of color into any home. Whether you prefer exotic artificial orchids or the simple and elegant silk hydrangeas, a silk flower arrangement will last much longer than its traditional counterpart and will not irritate allergies. Imagine how much life a large silk flower centerpiece could bring to your living space. Start browsing our professional silk flower arrangements to learn more about all the brilliant silk flowers options at Petals.

A Silk Flower Arrangement For The Home

From autumnal silk hydrangeas to summery silk sunflowers, a silk flower arrangement can bring so much life and beauty into a home. Whether your entertaining guests at a dinner party, enjoying precious time with your family, or just curling up with a good book, you will appreciate your ever fresh silk flowers for years. A fresh bouquet of flowers is very nice, but they can also be very expensive - and you are lucky if they last a week before they wilt. A large silk flower centerpiece of roses, lilacs or silk hydrangeas is a fresh alternative that will bring beauty into your home and last a lifetime. The knowledgeable staff at Petals has been helping people find the highest quality silk flowers for over 20 years.

With the many features of Petals it is easier than ever to browse our entire selection in search of the perfect silk flower arrangement for your home. From an artificial orchid of any species to beautifully crafted silk hydrangeas to a complete large silk flower centerpiece, all our products are hand crafted with botanical accuracy. Each product is illustrated with high-quality full-color digital photographs complete with close-up shots so you can see the attention to detail and sheer beauty that is part of every silk flower arrangement we offer. Dimensions, colors, and prices are all clearly displayed so you know exactly what you're getting and can easily imagine what it will look like in your living space before you purchase. Shopping can be done by multiple criteria, including colors, price, season, size, and type. All silk greenery from Petals is guaranteed with a 30-day hassle-free refund and exchange policy. Sign up for our preferred customer list today and receive 10% off your first silk flower arrangement.

A Silk Flower Arrangement For Every Season

{child:2} No matter the season, Petals has the perfect seasonal silk flower arrangement to brighten your day. The vibrant color of bearded irises and cosmos can inspire your home come springtime. And nothing says summer quite like a silk flower arrangement composed of the classic black-eyed susan, mixed snapdragons or silk hydrangeas. A bouquet of gerbera daisies, lilacs, or zinnias will help your home set the mood for autumn. A large silk flower centerpiece composed of a rooted lotus pod or an artificial orchid will add natural opulence and serene beauty to those long winter months. Whatever the season, Petals has an eye-catching silk flower arrangement that is a celebration of the senses. Brighten your days throughout the entire year and browse our silk flower selection today.

A Silk Flower Arrangement For Every Room

No matter what your silk flower needs may be, we have the arrangements that will bring years of beauty to your home. A large silk flower centerpiece is a great way to add drama to you table. A smaller artificial orchid accent is ideal for end tables, window sills, shelves, or any smaller area that just needs a dose of color. Or a rustic bouquet of silk hydrangeas sitting on your living room coffee table. The scale of our silk flower focal pieces is the perfect way to use color and natural beauty to draw attention to any area.

Caring For Your Silk Flower Arrangement

Properly cared for, your silk flower arrangement from Petals can bring lasting beauty to your home. Crafted with botanically accurate molds and professionally hand painted from photographs, every silk flower arrangement we offer is superior in every way to earlier fabric flowers. Designed to mimic real plants, each component is assembled by hand in our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. Every detail, from the blossoms to the stems and leaves, is attended to with the greatest of care. Attention to detail is paramount in every step of our process. From forming and painting by hand to assembling piece by piece, your silk flower arrangement will be handled with the highest level of care right up until it is delivered to your home. Browse our silk flower arrangement selection and we think you will agree that everything from an artificial orchid to silk hydrangeas to a large silk flower centerpiece will be beautifully crafted with a difference you can see.

Our silk plant spray cleaner makes it easy to enjoy years of beauty with any silk flower arrangement from Petals. The quick-dry formula only requires a light spray to the flowers and foliage and within seconds they are left clean and free from dust. No wiping is required. Expertly clean your silk hydrangeas, orchids or other silk flower arrangements and plants, ensuring years of beauty. In addition to silk floral arrangements, we also offer silk plants, hanging silk greenery, silk topiaries and so much more. Browse our vast selection today and brighten your day with a silk flower arrangement from Petals.