Silk Flower

Designer Artificial Flowers from Petals

Petals is the source for the highest quality artificial silk flowers, silk plants, trees, scented candles, and much more. A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is very nice. However, they are expensive and don't keep their original beauty but for a few days. The lasting beauty of a silk flower arrangement is a cost-effective alternative since they last much longer than their traditional counterparts. In fact, when cared for properly, the silk flower arrangements from Petals can last a lifetime. Start browsing the many designer artificial flowers offered at Petals, including:

The Silk Flower of Today

The silk flower market has changed a great deal over the years. Today's designer artificial flowers are superior in every way to the fabric flowers of the past. Designed to mimic real plants, today's silk flower is hand crafted with botanically accurate molds and hand painted by professionals with the aid of real photographs. From lush silk peonies to exotic silk orchids, all of our silk flowers are assembled by hand in our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. From assembling the blossom to the stem and leaves, attention to detail is always a priority. Each silk flower is assembled piece by piece with the greatest of care through each step of the process. Once a silk flower has gone through the painstaking process of assembly they are placed into beautiful arrangements by professional floral designers. Our knowledgeable staff has been helping flower lovers fill their homes with the beauty and serenity of silk flowers for over 20 years. Browse through our selection of silk flowers and we think you will agree that every silk flower possesses a natural beauty that will brighten your day.

Silk Flower Varieties

With Petals there is no limit to the variety of artificial floral arrangements you can choose from. With so many different types of designer artificial flowers and silk flower arrangements, one is sure to fit perfectly within any room in any home. To draw attention within a larger space we have many beautifully arranged focal pieces. These silk flower focal arrangements are endlessly fresh and inviting. They include everything from silk peonies and mixed snapdragons to elegant calla lilies and bearded irises. To set the mood for any occasion we have silk flower centerpieces. When they grace your table, these centerpieces will stir your senses and amaze your guests. Sometimes an end table, a window sill, or a bookcase just needs a little accent. For all these smaller places throughout your home, we have silk flower accent pieces. From a single floating rose to an accent vase with silk peonies, we have many whimsical pieces that will elevate your heart and home. Browse through all our designer silk flowers and find the perfect arrangement for any need.

Silk Flower Arrangements for Every Season

The right silk flower arrangement can help take your home through all the seasons of the year. Nothing welcomes your family and friends into the rebirth of spring quite like brightly colored bearded irises or a centerpiece made from silk peonies. Capturing the heart of the spring season will help awaken your spirits after the long winter. Our summer pieces bring natural beauty into your home with everything from gerbera daisies and black eyed susans to lily of the valley and garden roses. The many summer designs bring out the best in many of our designer artificial flowers. Autumn is a time to enjoy mixed snapdragons and day lilies in addition to many other silk flower favorites. That is just what you and your guests will do with a tasteful autumn bouquet from Petals. With a silk flower arrangement you can enjoy the beauty of your favorite flowers even during the long months of winter. Whether your partial to our silk peonies, a rooted lotus pod, or the many different species of orchids, Petals has the winter flower piece to help brighten your days. Best of all, these seasonal favorites will bring years of beauty to your life and home.

Spray Cleaner

When properly cared for, our silk flower arrangements will provide your home with years of beauty. Designer artificial flowers do not wilt away after a short time and they don't irritate allergies. And caring for a silk flower arrangement could not be easier. In addition to the routine dusting that is a part of everyday household upkeep, we offer silk flower spray cleaner that keeps all your arrangements as bright and lustrous as the day they arrive. The fast drying formula of our silk flower spray cleaner only requires a light spray on the foliage and within seconds they will be clean and dust free; no wiping is necessary. Silk flower spray cleaner can be purchased in a single can or a multiple pack and will allow you to expertly clean every silk flower in your home to ensure years of lasting beauty. Browse through our wide selection of silk flower arrangements and add lasting beauty to your home today.