Silk Florals

Types of Silk Floral Arrangement

Nothing brightens up a room like flowers and greenery. Whether as small, decorative accents or grandiose focal points, flowers can invigorate, calm, and inspire. If you've got a dark, empty corner fit for a ficus, or a dining room table in need of a cornucopia of color, silk floral arrangements and artificial plants are wonderful alternatives to live. Unlike live flowers, which can wilt after only a few days, silk florals can be enjoyed for months and years to come. Silk florals and plants also make thoughtful, charming gifts for friends, family, and business acquaintances alike. Please read on to learn more about artificial plants and all of our silk florals.

Types of Silk Florals

At Petals, you can unleash your inner interior decorator or find the perfect gift for that special occasion. Petals offers a large selection of top quality silk florals, plants, trees, room fragrances, and more. Silk florals and greenery are available in a variety of sizes, arrangements, and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect floral arrangement or artificial plant for your space.

Accents are small silk floral arrangements ideal for smaller surfaces such as coffee tables, countertops, shelves, and bookcases. Like rich pigments on a painter's brush, you can use accents to coordinate with your decor - or add an unexpected dash of color. Find beautiful silk floral accents and silk orchid accents at Petals today.

Great food, warm conversation, and a gorgeous floral centerpiece are the perfect ingredients for a table at which you'll want to linger. Centerpiece silk florals are larger arrangements that are available in a variety of styles. From sleek and modern to romantic and country-inspired, you'll find the right silk florals for your table. Check out all of our silk centerpieces for flowers, orchids, and more.

Focals are large silk floral arrangements that are designed to be eye-catching, dramatic, and exquisitely beautiful. As with our accents and centerpieces, these large silk floral arrangements are available in a variety of sizes, types, and colors. Tropical bird of paradise silk flowers, silk gerbera daisies, and irises are just a few of the popular silk florals available.


Why Choose Silk Florals?

Silk florals offer many advantages over fresh-cut flowers. In addition to longevity that ranges into years rather than just days, silk florals are virtually maintenance free. Simply dust occasionally as part of normal household cleaning and enjoy. Our silk flower cleaner with a special quick-dry formula will keep your silk florals looking great. Just spray every three months and let dry - no wiping is necessary.

We also offer accessories and indoor planters to make small and large silk floral arrangements look their best.

Superior Craftsmanship, Professional Designs

The original artificial flowers were constructed from crepe paper. While skilled artisans were able to achieve amazing intricacy, given the materials, crepe paper flowers faded easily and were not durable. Since the days of crepe paper, "silk flowers" has become a catch-all term to describe artificial florals constructed from a number of different fabrics and materials.

Today, silk florals and artificial plants are made primarily from high-quality synthetic fibers. These new materials hold shape and color better than ever before. High-tech molds are created of each flower part, including petals, stems, and leaves. The synthetic fabrics are then heat pressed into the molds and the component parts are assembled and arranged by hand in our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. Petals employs professional floral designers who skillfully create silk floral arrangements to match every style and decor.

Many of our silk flower bouquets and arrangements come in high-quality glass vases and are set in our special "acrylic water". This crystal-clear acrylic is hardened in the vase and gives the stems an incredibly realistic look. Silk florals from Petals are hand-packaged and are shipped ready to display, right out of the box. Many silk floral arrangements can be shipped in a premium gift box, directly to the gift recipient.

Ordering Silk Florals

At Petals, we make it easy for you to order silk florals online. You can also sign up for our preferred customer program. As a preferred customer, you'll receive 10% off your first order. You can also be notified of exclusive discounts, specials, and new products via email. Start exploring Petals today to find silk florals, artificial plants, room fragrances and more to fit your home.