Silk Ficus Tree

The Most Lifelike Silk Ficus Trees

Superior construction and distinguished designs from Silk Flowers give each artificial ficus tree its unique look and lifelike appeal. Be confident that you are getting the most elegant and lifelike hand-crafted silk ficus trees available.

Select a silk ficus tree from our elegant collection of silk trees. Here are just a few of the unique features that make our silk trees better:

  • Custom Designed by Artisans: Every silk ficus tree you choose from is custom designed by the leading foliage and topiary artists in the field. You can be confident that when you choose one of our silk trees, your tree's design can only be found here.
  • Crafted by Hand: To bring you the most realistic, lifelike trees, our foliage artisans hand-craft every silk ficus tree found on Our artisans pay attention to every detail, down to the incorporation of a single leaf.
  • Highest Quality Materials: To see the level of quality in the materials and fabrics used to create our silk trees, all you need to do is look at the outward appearance of your silk ficus tree.
  • Lasting Value: An artificial ficus tree from is built with superior construction that will last for years. Low maintenance and allergy free, our silk trees are an elegant enhancement to any room.

Explore the Elegance of the Silk Ficus Tree

Silk trees are an excellent way to add a sense of elegance to any room, but what is it about the ficus tree that makes it so enduringly popular? Whether you're looking to add a silk ficus tree to create the central focus point of your room, or to give a dramatic sense of style to a corner, you're sure to find the perfect tree in our distinguished collection of silk trees.

Here are just a few of our most elegant silk trees:

  • 6' Deluxe Silk Ficus Tree - Standing 6' tall, this silk ficus tree is perfect for an executive environment that requires nothing less than a statement of class.
  • 6' Double Tier Silk Mini Ficus Tree - For the ultimate in distinguished style, this silk ficus tree from our collection of handcrafted silk trees will make a lasting impression.
  • 7' Deluxe Silk Ficus Tree - Both casual and charming, this silk ficus tree will add an artful accent to any room.