Silk Bamboo Tree

Not Your Ordinary Silk Bamboo Tree

{childLarge:1}Bamboo trees are known for their slender leaves and graceful stems. What makes an artificial bamboo tree from Petals so lifelike and unique?

  • Custom-Designed: All of our silk bamboo trees are custom-designed by talented floral designers for maximum appeal and authenticity.
  • Hand-Crafted: Did you know that every silk bamboo tree from SilkFlowers is hand-made in the USA by our expert craftsmen?
  • Quality Materials: We're committed to using only the most high-quality materials, ensuring that each artificial bamboo tree is made to last a lifetime.
  • Remarkably Life: likeEnhance your surroundings with our incredibly lifelike silk bamboo trees of unparalleled quality and appearance.

Artificial Bamboo Tree Best-Sellers

6' Silk Bamboo Palm

The leaves of our handsome Silk Bamboo Palm Tree are darker and slightly bushier than our other silk bamboos.

Standing 6' tall, our Silk Bamboo Palm isn't as wide as some of our other silk trees and palms, which makes it ideal for spaces that require a bit of vertical height instead of horizontal fill.

6' Silk Bamboo Tree

Featuring dark ebony-shaded poles and elegant, elongated fronds of light green, our handsome Silk Bamboo Tree stands 6' tall.

As with many of our bamboos and palms, this artificial bamboo tree is also ideal for filling tall, narrow spaces.

7' Silk Bamboo Tree

This handsome 7' Silk Bamboo Tree shares all the same signature characteristics as our 6' Silk Bamboo Tree, except it's a foot taller. With handcrafted leaves in light green and stalks in a rich ebony.

This artificial bamboo tree is ideal for rounding out spaces that need a bit of extra height.

6' Asian Silk Bamboo Tree


With its delicate, feathery fronds of light green, our Silk Asian Bamboo Tree will be equally at home either in a pagoda or an apartment.

Delicate light green fronds are remarkably lifelike in appearance. The sturdy stems of this artificial bamboo tree are also dyed a fresh green.

7.5' Asian Silk Bamboo Tree

Our 7.5' Asian Silk Bamboo Tree may stand a foot and a half taller than our 6' Silk Bamboo Tree, but aside from height difference, they share the same quality characteristics and Asian allure.

9' Asian Silk Bamboo Tree

Our tallest artificial bamboo tree!

Standing a full nine feet tall, our stately 9' Asian Silk Bamboo Tree features the same lifelike appearance, delicate green accents, and quality construction as our other 6' and 7.5' Asian Silk Bamboo Trees.

Quality Silk Trees with a Difference

From our classic Silk Bamboo Tree to our Asian Silk Bamboo Tree or Silk Bamboo Palm, all of our silk trees are designed for maximum appeal and lifelike appearance. Hand-crafted designs, quality construction, and designer appeal are just a few reasons why an artificial bamboo tree from Silk Flowers will stand out in any room. No matter why you may decide to choose a silk bamboo tree from Silk Flowers, however, everyone is agreed on one thing: our elegant silk trees have a lifelike appeal like none other.

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