Ship/Shape Trees

Excellent Quality and Super Value

Our Ship/Shape Tree brand offers the same high quality and realistic appearance as our Handcrafted Trees. We use premium foliage when manufacturing all of our trees. Moreover, the natural coloration and detailing of the branch stems and trunks of our Ship/Shape Trees increases their lifelike presentation. We work closely with our factories in China to guarantee high quality construction.

Ship/Shape Trees offer superior value because of our reduced packaging design. The trees are shipped with the branches compacted to reduce the size of the shipping carton. Because of this packaging, with leaves nestled together, and with the branch stems or trunks securely cemented into a plastic grower pot, you realize significant saving in shipping costs. The dimensions of the carton, as well as its weight, are factors used by the shipping companies to calculate shipping cost. A smaller shipping carton reduces the shipping costs.

Ship/Shape Trees are available in 6 foot and 7 foot sizes. Varieties include Kentia Palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Reed Palm, Bamboo, Areca Palm, and Greenhouse Ficus in two colors. Both size Ship/Shape Trees ship via UPS and FedEx ground service, which is more economical than LTL truck shipment, saving money and thus creating value for our clients.


You Gain Additional Value

For any interior decorating project, inclusion of high quality artificial trees introduces beautiful organic color variations. Carefree artificial plants add texture, dimension, and life into the room design. An equally important design element is the decorative tree container. It not only underscores the beauty of the artificial tree, it accentuates the décor of the entire area. You will find many styles designed for the interior of your home and office in our decorative plant container line.

You gain additional value when you order one of our decorative containers for your new Ship/Shape Tree. The container is weighted and filled with foam, molded to fit the plastic grower pot of the tree (at no additional cost to you). This ensures easy assembly and a very stable, secure base for your new tree, as well as a beautiful decorative container to enhance your interior décor. It also saves you a lot of time.

We include easy-to-follow instructions for quick assembly and shaping of your Ship/Shape Tree. We've discovered that most people enjoy the DIY aspect of putting the tree together, arranging the branches, and covering the top of the container with the free sheet moss supplied. You may also choose to add a container top option of faux landscaping stones to cover the top of the foam.

The Value of Customization

The two most common mistakes made when decorating with an artificial tree is choosing a container that is too small, and failing to secure the tree into a stable container. Both mistakes reduce the effectiveness of the whole room design, scream FAKE, and eventually lead to the tree's undoing.

By selecting one of our decorative containers, you customize your tree to complement and enrich your interior design. Moreover, you ensure your tree will be a beautiful, stable, and long-lasting botanical design. Our construction process marries the planting to the proper size container, and surpasses anything produced in the artificial floral industry. Choosing permanent botanicals from Petals is easy, timesaving, worry free, and 100% guaranteed.