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{child:1}Different fragrances can evoke powerful memories and feelings. From sunny kiwi pear and to crisp, spicy cinnamon cider and others, Petals is your source for quality scents for your home. We feature a variety of potpourris &  potpourri oil, scented candles,  for the home. Begin browsing room fragrance products now.

A Brief History of Potpourri

For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have used the fragrances of flowers, spices, and herbs for ceremony, pleasure, and freshening rooms. During medieval times, potpourri was created by leaving herbs, spices, and other plant material in tightly covered containers to rot. Salt was also used to pickle and preserve. The process resulted in a strong, though not entirely pleasant, perfume. In fact, the French "pot pourri" translates in English as "rotten pot". As unappealing as medieval-style potpourri might sound, it was a near necessity in a time when homes were small, windowless, and lacking indoor plumbing.

Over time, these pungent pots fell out of favor. Experimenters figured out that handsome, open bowls of dried flowers and herbs were more pleasing, both to the eyes and nose. These lovely, aromatic bowls were popular among the aristocracy, who displayed them in rooms throughout their castles. Today, potpourri is an art that incorporates scent, texture, and color. It can be displayed in pretty bowls and color-coordinated to match any décor. When steamed in simmering pots, the warmth and moisture help the fragrance waft throughout the home.
Potpourri Types

Petals offers a captivating selection of premium potpourri fragrances sure to delight the senses. We are delighted to offer Aromatique products, which are handcrafted from the finest raw ingredients. Cinnamon Cider Potpourri evokes a crisp autumn day, both in fragrance and colors. Its palette of earthy yellows, oranges, browns, and dark greens is warm and inviting. Gardenia is one of the world's most beloved fragrances. Light and aromatic, our gardenia potpourri is an exotic mixture of gardenia petals, fronds, and pinecones. This intriguing combination creates an array of creamy whites and rich, dark browns.
If the fragrance of a summer orchard in full bloom beckons you, our kiwi pear potpourri is a charming addition to your home. Sparkling kiwi and ripe pear scents are combined with a hint of berry for a fresh olfactory experience.

Potpourris from Petals come sealed for freshness with a decorative ribbon. Petals also offers liquid potpourri oil. Our premium potpourris are long lasting, and liquid potpourri oil can refresh and extend the fragrance even longer. We also offer decorative potpourri holders and coordinating room sprays and candles.

Visit Petals today to learn more about all of our potpourri bouquets, potpourri and room fragrances.
Candle and Potpourri Baskets

Room fragrance products from Petals are also great gifts. Potpourri baskets are perfect for holidays, birthdays, or "just because". Our potpourri gift baskets feature superior quality products from Aromatique. Baskets are available in a variety of fragrances, and include:

    * Large, wooden gift basket with handle
    * Premium potpourri, sealed for freshness
    * Refresher liquid potpourri oil
    * Large satin bow

Potpourri baskets can also be shipped in one of our premium gift boxes, direct to the recipient.

Petals: Elevating Heart and Home

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In addition to potpourri, candles, and room fragrances, we also feature a large selection of amazingly lifelike silk flowers, orchids, plants, trees, and accessories. You can view our collections by size, price, season, and color. From country casual to sleek modernism and everything in between, we offer products to suit every decor. Silk greenery also makes a great gift that can be enjoyed maintenance free, for years to come.