Plant Biology For Kids

Plant Biology For Kids

Plant Biology for Kids

Do you know that plants are like people? Yes, plants are also living things that grow and die. They are made up of cells that have different needs, like air, water, food and energy. Let’s learn more about how plants live by taking a look at the following links below:


What Makes A Plant A Plant?

  • Plant Classification: An easy to read page with information about plants and the plant classification systems. It also includes a handout in html or PDF for the reader.
  • Major Reasons for Classifying Plants: A detailed page on the major reasons for classifying plants. It includes different terms, classifications and pictures of different plants.
  • Classification of Plants in the Schoolyard: A lesson plan in PDF format designed to engage students in using their knowledge on plant structures to classify plants in the schoolyard.
  • Plants: A Unit Three Week Term: A lesson plan in PDF format designed by Cindy Davis to help teachers in devising lessons and activities for plants in a three week term.
  • The Seed Site: A study guide with a table on the classification of plants starting from the highest category.
  • Elementary Science Plant Classifications: An easy to read page catered to elementary students to learn about different classifications of plants in a simpler way.



  • Chem 11 Goes to School: A detailed experience on different experiments on photosynthesis conducted by university students to third graders.
  •  Photosynthesis Science for Kids: A website that provides information on photosynthesis in a simple manner. It also includes a link to a photosynthesis learning activity.
  • Photosynthesis: How Plants Make Food: An illustration on how photosynthesis works to make food for plants. It also includes a video link on photosynthesis.
  • Teaching Kids about Photosynthesis: A study guide on how to teach kids about photosynthesis in an interesting way. It also includes a useful activity.
  • Photosynthesis as Plant Energy: Dan the Gardener gives useful information on photosynthesis for children.
  • Photosynthesis: A PDF worksheet activity on photosynthesis to see how much information children know about it.
  • Photosynthesis Experiment: A page created by GATWICK Green Airport Parking to give information on useful facts about photosynthesis and how to do a photosynthesis experiment at home.



Parts of Plants

  • Growing Plants: A lesson plan designed for kids ages 5-6 to learn about identifying, matching and naming the parts of a plant. It includes a worksheet, activity and quiz.
  • The Great Plant Escape: An online educational game for learning about plants including identifying the different parts of plants.
  • How to Learn Parts of a Plant for Kids: A useful step by step guide on how to make kids interested to learn the parts of a plant.
  • Interactive Plant Quiz: An online quiz designed to measure the students’ knowledge about the parts of a plant. It includes quick facts about plants.
  • Growing in the Garden: A site that includes information on learning activities about the parts of the plant.
  • My Plant Doodle: An interactive game supporting offline learning of parts of the plant.

Plants and the Environment

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