Silk Floral Arrangements

At Petals, our silk floral arrangements are perfect for a variety of decorating needs. If you're looking for a subtle accent to your living room, silk iris flowers make a great addition. You can also find large silk floral centerpieces for the dining room table, office environments, and a number of other ideal locations. Each of our silk floral arrangements is hand crafted with an amazing level of detail that you have to see to believe. Choose from our extensive collection of silk floral arrangements to find the design that best meets your needs.

Large Silk Floral Centerpieces

There are several large silk floral centerpieces in our collection that make for an impressive conversation piece. The detailed precision and quality of these centerpieces makes for a low-maintenance, cost-effective decoration that always looks lively and fresh. Adding a light amount of potpourri can make the realistic features of these large silk floral centerpieces come alive.

Our Gerberas, Pansies & Lilacs arrangement features brightly colored silk gerbera daisies, pansies and lilacs in a stylish square vase with our crystal-clear acrylic water and makes a beautiful medium-sized centerpiece for any reception area or foyer.

Creating Silk Floral Arrangements

The expert craftsmanship and exquisite botanical accuracy of our silk floral arrangements is due to the work of a number of talented individuals. Silk flower, foliage, stems, and more are all given an impressive amount of attention in order to achieve a natural, lifelike appearance. While they're referred to as "silk" flowers, today they're cut from high-quality synthetic fibers. These fibers are pressed into their floral form by professionally sculpted molds that give them their distinct character. Today's silk floral arrangements are created from silk flowers that are superior in every way to previous fabric flowers.


After taking shape, the subtle gradations and hues in each flower are painted on by professionals working from photographs of live flowers. From detailed striations expanding from the fold, to vibrant tints on the edges of petals, each part receives individual attention. Once the painting is complete, the uniqueness of each flower is akin to that of a snowflake.

From there, Petals floral designers at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, create beautiful silk floral arrangements using only premium artificial flowers and foliages. From large silk floral centerpieces to simple and elegant silk iris flowers, each arrangement holds its natural beauty for years. In addition, Petals products require little to no maintenance, and provide a cost-effective, allergy-free alternative to live plants. Contact us for answers to your questions or help with finding one-of-a-kind silk floral arrangements.

Silk Floral Arrangements: Gifts that Last

Our intricate silk floral arrangements make a lasting impression for those looking to send a unique gift. Large silk floral centerpieces last for years beyond live plants. The recipient of a these floral arrangements will have a constant reminder of your appreciation and friendship. All plant and silk flower arrangements from Petals sent as gifts arrive with an attractive personalized gift card. Select products are eligible for premium gift boxing. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales consultants via email or phone today to help you select the perfect item from our variety of silk floral arrangements.

Professionally Designed Silk Floral Arrangements

At Petals, we have over 30 years of experience creating designer-quality silk arrangements. Our superior products and experience allow us to be your complete source for home decorating and unique gift ideas. From large silk floral centerpieces to subtle arrangements, Petals offers a variety of products that meet your decorative needs. Browse our extensive selection of silk floral arrangements and have your selection professionally packed and shipped factory direct to your door.