Silk Floor Plants

{child:1} At Petals, we've got 20 years of experience in providing customers with a comprehensive source for home decorating and unique gift ideas. We offer a wide selection of designer quality silk floor plants, lifelike floral arrangements, realistic trees, and more. You can decorate your home or office with a variety of allergy-free artificial floor plants that require little maintenance. Start browsing our silk floor plants today for a cost-effective decorating solution.

Silk Greenery

The silk floor plants at Petals all feature an exquisite, handcrafted design that makes each piece unique. The natural lifelike appearance created by the high-quality foliage and trunks looks so real, you'll have to touch it to see for yourself. Choose from a variety of sizes to find the silk greenery that meets your needs. You'll find silk floor plants, floral arrangements and other greenery that are designed for fitting in cubicles, or on tabletops and ledges. All of this, in addition to the carefree maintenance that makes silk greenery so popular.

Silk Floor Plants: Containers

Our silk floor plants are resilient in the design of the plant and the containers they sit in. Some of the features you'll find in these containers include:

  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Permanent finishes won't peel or chip.
  • Look of real metal and porcelain at a fraction of the cost.
  • Durable plastic / fiberglass construction.

When you purchase them together, our silk floor plants and trees arrive already potted in the container of your choice.

Lifelike Silk Orchid Plants

Although they're still referred to as "silk" flowers, today's silk orchid plants and other flowers are actually cut from synthetic fibers that are shaped by professionally sculpted molds. Several factors play a role in the artistic botanical precision that goes into the design of silk flowers. The synthetic fabric is placed on heated molds that melt the plastic fibers into the desired shape. The design of the mold is what gives each flower its distinct shape and character. After this, professional painters add the subtle hues that bring each part of silk orchid plants to life.

Painters work from photos in order to attain a lifelike appearance. Each gradation adds a new dimension. From the unique gradation on the edge of a petal, to precise striations emanating from the pouch, the silk orchid plants undergo a process that makes each one as unique as a snowflake.

The Petals floral artisans in our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility then take these silk flowers to create stunning floral arrangements and creations like the orchid plants you'll find when browsing the rest of this site. Each arrangement is created using the finest silk flowers and greenery available. The natural beauty of our silk orchid plants and floral arrangements lasts for years, with very little upkeep required. Browse through our silk flowers and artificial floor plants to find a cost-effective, allergy-free alternative to live plants.

Silk Trees

Some of the finest silk greenery in our collection is our silk trees. Each features a high level of detail and an incredibly lifelike appearance. Choose from several artificial bonsai and silk ficus trees to find that perfect accent for your home. The silk trees and other greenery in our collection all feature the same level of detail and low maintenance that you find in our selection of silk flowers.

Quality Artificial Floor Plants{child:2}

Our selection of silk floor plants offers a variety of expertly crafted decor. Whether you're looking for a subtle accent to a room, or a large number of artificial floor plants for a lobby or entranceway, you'll find just the silk greenery piece you're looking for here at Petals.

The Cycas Palm is one of the more requested silk floor plants. Its detailed structure and bright variation in color add a distinct character to any room. This item is a great addition to any office.

Our Dracaena makes a perfect accent to any home or office. Its flowing foliage and natural, lifelike trunks will stun guests and visitors alike.

The Parlor Palm is a striking silk floor plant that no office should be without. Its unique design will intrigue your guests and help add an air of sophistication to any professional space.

These artificial floor plants are only some of the wide variety of silk greenery available in our selection. Each piece is designed to mimic its live counterpart with amazing accuracy. Browse through our selection of silk floor plants to find one that meets your needs.

Silk Floor Plants: Seeing is Believing!

Each of our artificial floral arrangements and floor plants features an attention to detail that you have to see to believe. When browsing our silk floor plants and floral arrangements, each image can be viewed at a higher level of detail, allowing you to appreciate the quality of every item. Once you select the item or items that best meet your needs, they are expertly packed and shipped factory direct. The products at Petals use only the finest, lifelike artificial flower stems and silk greenery available to create a variety of gorgeous silk floor plants and floral arrangements. This level of care in the packing and shipping process is an example of every employee's commitment to exceptional, personalized service. It is our goal to provide you with unparalleled customer service throughout your Petals experience and our silk flower specialists are dedicated to achieving that goal. Continue browsing this site to find the silk floor plants, silk orchid plants and other high-quality artificial greenery you've been looking for.