Artificial Plant Designs

An artificial-plant from Petals can breathe life into just about any room or office. Their natural, lifelike appearance is so real, you have to touch them to see for yourself. We offer a variety of decorator silk flowers and greenery to choose from. Give an artificial potted plant as a gift, or decorate your office with lush silk flowers in a variety of vibrant colors. Browse our selection of artificial plants to find the perfect piece for your needs today!

Decorator Silk Flowers

Decorator silk flowers are a popular item in our artificial plant inventory. Roses, magnolias, orchids, and more make up our vast selection. Choose from "Accents," "Centerpieces" and "Focals" for the arrangement that best meets your needs. The decorator silk flowers in our Accents category are perfect for adding that finishing touch to a room. Centerpieces are designed to be just that, a conversation starter or decorative piece for the dinner table. Focals add beauty and enhance any setting. Each of the decorator silk flowers and arrangements in our comprehensive selection feature high-quality, natural-looking silk flower stems and come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and color tones. Many of these artificial plant designs are created using our special "crystal-clear acrylic water" which creates the illusion of fresh-cut stems in water. Also available is our incredibly detailed collection of silk orchid arrangements.

Creating Decorator Silk Flowers

Though they retain the name, today's decorator silk flowers are no longer made from silk. The precision and lifelike accuracy with which they are created today is a far cry from their early predecessors. Today's decorator silk flowers are actually cut from synthetic fibers that are pressed into the unique shapes of individual flowers. Professionally sculpted molds melt these synthetic fibers in order to retain the flower's subtle variations.

Professional painters then attend to the task of brushing on the gradations of color until each part takes on the characteristics of the real plant. Painters working on separate portions add tinted edges or colored striations that bring each part of the flower to life. The end result is simply beautiful: stems, petals and leaves as unique as their real life counterparts.

The Petals floral artisans in our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility assemble each decorator silk flower arrangement. We use only the finest silk flowers and greenery available to create a variety of stunning classic and contemporary artificial plant designs.

Silk Greenery

At Petals, you'll find everything you need for decorating with silk greenery. Choose from a wide variety of artificial plant life designed for floor, table, and shelf placement. The incredibly lifelike appearance and high-quality foliage and trunks ensure that each artificial plant enhances the appearance of your space for years to come with minimal maintenance. Browse our wide selection of sizes and shapes that range from silk plants to larger silk trees to find an artificial potted plant that meets your needs today. {child:2}

Artificial Potted Plants

Our artificial potted plants can add an impressive look to any space. Every aspect - from the quality silk plants, to the pots they sit in - features an exquisite attention to detail. Some of the advantages of our artificial potted plants include:

  • Look of real metal and porcelain at a fraction of the cost.
  • Permanent finishes that won't peel or chip.
  • Durable plastic / fiberglass construction.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • When purchased together, our silk plants and trees arrive potted in the container of your choice.

Browse our artificial potted floor plants to find a great look for your office, or a unique gift idea.

Artificial Plant Gifts

Why send a gift that only lasts for a short time? Instead, send one that will provide a constant reminder of your appreciation and friendship. Anyone looking for a unique, durable gift idea has only to browse our exceptional selection of artificial plant life. From potted plants and silk palm trees to decorator silk flowers, you'll find a gift that will create a lasting impression with both friends and clients. When sent as a gift, our artificial plant and floral designs arrive with a unique gift card featuring your personalized message. For select products, premium gift boxing is also available. If you have any questions you may contact one of our knowledgeable sales consultants and they'll help you choose the perfect item.

At Petals, our number one goal is complete customer satisfaction. This means that if you don't love your purchase, you may return it within 30 days and receive a full merchandise refund. It's as easy as calling or emailing our customer service department, where we will be happy to help you with a fast, "hassle-free" return or exchange.* (See Terms of Use for full details)

Artificial Potted Plants, Decorator Silk Flowers & More!

Petals puts over 20 years of experience into providing you with a complete source for home decorating and unique gift giving ideas. When you look through our collection of decorator silk flowers or exquisitely detailed artificial potted plants, you're sure to find the perfect item for your space. These items, as well as coordinating containers, decorative room fragrances like potpourri or scented candles, plus much more, can be shipped factory direct to your door. Begin browsing our selection of floral arrangements, or explore our artificial plant collection today!