Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial Palm Trees with a Difference

If you're looking for high-quality artificial palm trees, look no further than Petals. We offer a large, diverse selection of amazingly lifelike artificial trees and plants. No matter what your decor or the occasion, you're sure to find the perfect plant or tree. To learn more about the types of artificial palm trees and plants available, please read on. Or, use the links below to start shopping now:

About Palm Trees

The palm family, also know as Palmae or Palmaceae, is a collection of flowering plants native to tropical and subtropical climates. In the United States, palms are found primarily along the gulf coast, southern Atlantic coast, Pacific coast, and Hawaii. Palm trees and plants have very distinct, feathery looking fronds. Due to their full foliage and rich, varied shades of green, artificial palm trees are a lovely decorative accent that can bring the warmth of the tropics indoors, year round.

The Areca Palm

Areca is a genus of over 50 palms that have long stems and are found in the lush tropical forests of Malaysia. The premier areca palm has delicate, finely crafted stems that arc gracefully and fronds so realistic, you'll have to touch them to believe it's not a real plant. This silk artificial palm tree is a charming companion for a sofa, desk, or armchair.

The Parlor Palm

As its name suggests, the silk parlor palm is a gracious, lively indoor plant. The parlor palm's official name is chamaedorea elegans, which comes from the Greek chamai, which means "on the ground" and dorea, which means "gift". Artificial parlor palm trees have a versatile look that fits comfortably into any decor. You also have your choice of container - from sleek matte metallics to earthy rattan and wood grains, you're sure to find the perfect indoor planter for your space.

Artificial Tropical Plants

In addition to artificial palm trees, Petals also features a number of other artificial tropical plants. Tropicals look great in just about any room, due to their lush foliage and multi-faceted hues. Artificial tropical plants also make great gifts for friends, loved ones, and business acquaintances alike.

With large, colorful photos of our artificial tropical plants, Petals makes it easy to envision how each plant will look in your home. And detailed product close-ups show the amazing craftsmanship that goes into making each plant as realistic as possible.

We encourage you to browse our entire collection of artificial tropical plants today.

Popular Artificial Tropical Plants

Mango plant: The mango plant is native to India and is a flowering, fruit bearing tree. In the wild, young mango plants have orange-ish leaves that mature into an intense, dark green color on top and burgundy on the underside. The artificial mango plant looks sophisticated in rich, dark interiors.

Spathiphyllum: The spathiphyllum plant is commonly known as the "peace lily" and one look at its elegant white flowers shows why. Peace lilies are very beautiful but are also very sensitive to temperature and humidity. A silk artificial spathiphyllum can be enjoyed year round.

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