Silk Palm Tree Information

Artificial Palm Trees with Lifelike Appeal

Why Choose Petals?
From thin and airy silk bamboo trees to lush and dramatic silk palm trees, you are sure to find an artificial palm tree that will be the perfect complement to any room.

Here are just a few of the ways that Petals makes sure your artificial palm tree has the most realistic appearance:

Designed by Leading Artisans

Your artificial palm tree is designed and detailed by the leading foliage artists in the industry. You won't find our designs from any of our competitors - your silk tree's design is a Petals original.

Hand-Crafted Detail

Our skilled foliage artisans pay attention to every detail when crafting our silk trees. Every artificial palm tree has been hand-crafted with careful consideration to quality of construction as well as achieving the most lifelike appearance.

Highest Grade Fabrics & Materials

Every silk palm tree from Petals / Petals is made using the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Durable Value

Silk trees from Petals / Petals are built with superior construction to give your tree the best in durability. In addition to having a long lasting lifelike appeal, your artificial palm tree is allergy-free and low-maintenance.

Artificial Palm Tree Best-Sellers

For an elegant, yet easy to maintain addition to any room, an artificial palm tree from Petals / Petals is the perfect choice. Whether you're looking to add a silk bamboo tree with wispy fronds, or a statuesque silk palm tree with full-reaching fronds, you're sure to find an artificial palm tree that meets your needs and specifications. {child:2}

Here are some of our most popular artificial palm trees:

  • Premier Areca Artificial Palm Tree - This large and dramatic artificial palm tree is perfect for filling that special place. Whether you need an impressive plant for your new home or your office, this artificial palm tree is the perfect choice.
  • 9' Silk Butterfly Artificial Palm Tree - The stately palm fronds on this 9' tall artificial palm tree will add a sense of beauty to any room.
  • 6' Silk Bamboo Palm Tree - This statuesque artificial palm tree has fronds that give the lifelike appearance of growing from stalks of bamboo. Providing full top-to-bottom coverage, this silk tree is a versatile choice.

Related Silk Trees: The Artificial Bonsai Tree

The bonsai tree requires skill and dedication. For the tranquil look of this majestic tree without the time and maintenance, an artificial bonsai tree is an excellent alternative. Lifelike and realistic, every artificial bonsai tree from the Petals / Petals collection of silk trees has been modeled with the same serenity and appeal of their natural counterpart.

Choose an artificial bonsai tree from our graceful collection of silk trees.