Artificial Bonsai Tree

The Artificial Bonsai Tree - Serene and Graceful

{childLarge:1} The art of bonsai was developed well over one thousand years ago. This delicate art has stood the test of time and bonsai trees are often used to add a sense of calm and tranquility to any room. While the bonsai requires time, dedication, and skill, you can reap the benefits of this beautiful design by purchasing an artificial bonsai tree from the collection. With several designs to choose from, you can find the artificial bonsai tree that appeals to your aesthetic needs.

Here are our bestselling artificial bonsai trees:

Bento Artificial Bonsai Tree

This cascading artificial bonsai tree is inspired by the magnificent trees that grow along the sides of mountains or over water.

Podocarpus Artificial Bonsai Tree

Another cascading artificial bonsai tree, this evergreen shrub provides a rich sense of authenticity.

Japanese Maple Silk Bonsai Tree - Small

Featuring leaves of burgundy and green, this silk bonsai tree is a beautiful display of the bonsai tradition. {child:2}

Japanese Maple Artificial Bonsai Trees - Large

This artificial bonsai tree has the same burgundy and green leaves as our small Japanese Maple, but with slightly larger dimensions.

Why Choose an Artificial Bonsai Tree from

Give your room a feeling of serenity with an artificial bonsai tree from Here are just a few reasons why to choose our premium-quality silk trees:

One of a Kind Design

Each artificial bonsai tree at is custom designed by the premier topiary and foliage artists in the industry.

Hand-Crafted Attention to Detail

Every artificial bonsai tree that we sell is hand-crafted by skilled artisans who pay attention to every detail. From the willful spirit of the tree, to the surface of the soil, every aspect of your artificial bonsai tree is constructed by hand to provide the most realistic appearance.

Low Maintenance

Just like every silk tree that we sell at, our artificial bonsai tree is a low maintenance addition to any decor.