Silk & Artificial Tabletop Plants

Tabletop Silk Plants -  Carefree permanent plants, no green thumb required! Inspired by nature, crafted by hand at Petals

Succulent Obsession Foliage Planter

Silk Pothos in Oval Planter

Premier Fern Silk Plant

Boston Fern Silk Foliage Planter

Maidenhair Fern
Silk Foliage Plant

Lavender Faux Flowering Plant

Seeded Eucalyptus Bouquet
Silk Foliage Arrangement

Evergreen Bonsai
Artificial Tabletop Plant

Tea Leaf Faux Foliage Plant

Sansevieria & Succulent Planter
Faux Foliage Arrangement

Mixed Cactus
Artificial Tabletop Planter

Baby Prickly Pear Cactus
Faux Tabletop Plant

Aloe Succulent Faux Tabletop Plant

Cascading Springerii
Artificial Fern Plant

Donkey Tail Faux Succulent Plant

Silver King & Wandering Jew Planter

Coleus & Maidenhair Fern
Silk Foliage Arrangement

String of Pearls & Jade Succulent

Cactus Set x 2
Artificial Tabletop Plants

Garden Planter
Silk Flower Centerpiece

Sansevieria Planter
Artificial Foliage Arrangement

Silk English Ivy in Oval Planter

Palm & Ivy Armoire Silk Planter

Cascading English Ivy Silk Planter

Pothos & Fittonia Armoire Silk Planter

Deluxe Silk Fern Planter

Mixed Hanging Ferns Silk Planter

Cascading Pothos Silk Planter

Faux Grasses & Fern Armoire Planter

Cypress Bonsai Artificial Tree

Hanging Silk Spider Plant

23" ZZ Silk Plant

Chinese Evergreen & Ivy Silk Planter

English Ivy Silk Planter

Agave Americana (Medium) Succulent

Faux Bermuda Grass Planter

Courtyard Pothos Silk Planter

Coleus & Grape Ivy Silk Planter

Ivy & Silver Queen Silk Planter

Faux Kenwood Grass Armoire Planter

Faux Succulent Planter

Golden Oak & Autumn Magnolia
Silk Foliage Arrangement

Chinese Evergreen
Silk Foliage Plant

Laurel Planter
Silk Foliage Arrangement

Noble Fir
Artificial Tabletop Tree


Noble Fir
Artificial Tabletop Tree


Juniper Artificial Tabletop Tree


Column Cactus
Artificial Tabletop Succulent

Autumn Grass
Artificial Foliage Centerpiece

Sansevieria, Ficus & Fern
Faux Foliage Arrangement

Succulent Oasis
Faux Plant Arrangement

Olive Double Topiary
Silk Tree

Oriental Spruce Bonsai
Artificial Tabletop Plant

For the tabletop in your home that needs a special accent, choose from our beautiful selection of permanent silk plants designed just for that space. Some are small enough to nestle under a lamp or configure into a shelf arrangement. Larger designs are ideal as a focal element on your sofa table, mantle, and your office reception counter. Whether you prefer our silk ivy or fern, an artificial succulent or palm, or a faux grass design - no matter how we describe them - they are all carefree renderings of nature's beauty. And as with all of our designs, they are backed by our total satisfaction guarantee.