Silk & Artificial Floor Plants

4' Faux Big Leaf
Fiddle Fig Plant

Parlor Palm Silk Floor Plant

Double Full Silver Queen Silk Plant

Cycas & Croton Silk Plant

Aspidistra & Chinese Evergreen

Mango Silk Floor Plant

Mixed Dracaena Silk Plant Arrangement

Silver Queen Silk Floor Plant

Baja Agave & Echeveria Planter

Olive Bush Silk Plant

Spathiphyllum Silk Floor Plant

Agave Artificial Plant

4' ZZ Silk Plant

Deluxe Croton Silk Plant

Fiddle Leaf & Palm
Faux Foliage Arrangement

Grass Plant Artificial Floor Plant

Double Full Spathiphyllum Silk Plant

Kenwood Artificial Grass Planter

Coastal Grass Silk Planter

Agave Americana (Medium) Succulent

Deluxe Faux Fern Planter

23" ZZ Silk Plant

Agave Americana (Large) Succulent

Broad Leaf Agave Artificial Succulent

Croton Silk Floor Plant

Baja Agave Artificial Floor Plant

Double Chinese Evergreen
Silk Floor Plant

3' Faux Big Leaf
Fiddle Fig Plant

Mixed Artificial Grass Planter

Olive Double Topiary
Silk Tree

Silk Ficus Bush

Aspidistra & Croton
Faux Floor Plant

Scape your space with permanent plants. Our designer quality silk & artificial floor plants are incredibly realistic and lifelike. Available in a wide range of varieties, styles, and shapes; you are sure to find the ideal plant to complement your decorating style. Select one of our optional decorative containers and your new plant will arrive custom potted and professionally finished, ready to display right out of the box - simply enjoy its carefree beauty for years.