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Silk & Artificial Orchids

SILK ORCHIDS - The exotic allure of Silk Flower Orchids. Capture the beauty and style with undeniable flair

Grand Phalaenopsis Orchid
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Cottage Phalaenopsis
Artificial Orchid Plant

Dendrobium Orchids & Succulents
Artificial Plant Arrangement

Vanda Orchids & Grass
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Hydrangea & Orchid
Silk Flower Centerpiece

Vanda Silk Orchid Plant

Deluxe Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid
Trio Arrangement

Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid

Deluxe Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid

Dancing Orchid & Grass
Silk Flower Arrangement

Magnolias & Orchids Silk Arrangement

Orchid & Calla Lily Centerpiece
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Tropical Paradise Silk Arrangement

Tropical Orchids & Ginger
Silk Flower Arrangement

Cymbidium Silk Orchid & Monstera Leaf Arrangement

Faux Cymbidium Orchid Plant

Cymbidium Orchid, Aloe & Branch
Silk Arrangement

Faux Succulents Cube

Faux Succulent & Silk Orchid Terrarium

Grand Impression Silk Arrangement

Cat's Tail Silk Orchid Accent

Cymbidium Silk Orchid & Bamboo Accent

Set of Two Silk Orchid Accents

Cymbidium Silk Orchid Accent

Faux Phalaenopsis Orchid Accent

Greenhouse Phalaenopsis
Faux Orchid

Vanda Orchid & Apista Leaf Silk Arrangement

Cymbidium Silk Orchid Cylinder

Faux Orchids & Heliconia
Tropical Arrangement

Faux Star Orchid Plant

Orchid Celebration Faux Arrangement

Calla Lily Orchid Splendor Centerpiece
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Flower Stem

As low as $10.50 per stem BUY NOW

Phalaenopsis Orchid Leaf
Silk Stem

Oncidium Orchid Silk Flower Stem

Cymbidium Orchid Silk Flower Stem

As low as $15.00 per stem BUY NOW

Cymbidium Orchid Leaf
Large Silk Stem

Bring the awe-inspiring natural beauty of our high quality silk and artificial orchid arrangements into your home. See for yourself what their delicate shapes and vibrant colors can do to enhance the decor of any room. Silk orchids are also an ideal floral design element for your office as well. Moreover, they make wonderful, unique gifts that will definitely amaze friends, family, and clients alike. Explore our entire collection of silk orchid designs today.