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Silk & Artificial Tabletop Plants

Tabletop Silk Plants -  Carefree permanent plants, no green thumb required! Inspired by nature, crafted by hand at Petals

Silver King & Wandering Jew Planter

Palm & Ivy Armoire Silk Planter

Silk Pothos in Oval Planter

Premier Fern Silk Plant

Cymbidium & Succulents
Artificial Floral Arrangement

Available in 2 Colors

Mixed Succulents & Cactus
Artificial Plant Arrangement

Mixed Echeveria Succulent

Mixed Agave Succulent

Ghost Echeveria Succulent
Artificial Plant Arrangement

Faux Succulent Planter

Pothos & Fittonia Armoire Silk Planter

Deluxe Silk Fern Planter

Silk English Ivy in Oval Planter

Mixed Hanging Ferns Silk Planter

Cascading English Ivy Silk Planter

Cascading Pothos Silk Planter

Faux Grasses & Fern Armoire Planter

Cypress Bonsai Artificial Tree

Succulent Garden Plant Arrangement

Hanging Silk Spider Plant

Faux Succulent Stemmed Vase

Faux Succulent Floral Accent

23" ZZ Silk Plant

Chinese Evergreen & Ivy Silk Planter

Queen Fern Artificial Plant

English Ivy Silk Planter

Agave Americana (Medium) Succulent

Faux Bermuda Grass Planter

Courtyard Pothos Silk Planter

Coleus & Grape Ivy Silk Planter

English Ivy & Grass Silk Plant

Ivy & Silver Queen Silk Planter

Faux Kenwood Grass Armoire Planter

Yucca Gloriosa (Medium)
Artificial Succulent Plant

Croton, Grass & Ivy
Artificial Foliage Planter

Tabletop Cedar Plant

Eucalyptus & Birch Branch

String of Pearls & Jade Succulent

Succulent Obsession Foliage Planter

For the tabletop in your home that needs a special accent, choose from our beautiful selection of permanent silk plants designed just for that space. Some are small enough to nestle under a lamp or configure into a shelf arrangement. Larger designs are ideal as a focal element on your sofa table, mantle, and your office reception counter. Whether you prefer our silk ivy or fern, an artificial succulent or palm, or a faux grass design - no matter how we describe them - they are all carefree renderings of nature's beauty. And as with all of our designs, they are backed by our total satisfaction guarantee.